Estate Lawyer in Decatur

Bips & Bips, P.C. estate law professionals bring years of advice and counseling to residents and business owners of all backgrounds in Decatur. We make planning for your future easy, reducing stress by explaining all of your rights, responsibilities and entitlements throughout every step of the process. Implementing the right planning vehicle for your unique situation ensures your assets are divided according to your wishes upon your passing, and that your legacy lives on as you intended. We take the time to review the fine details of your plans to ensure your goals are bound by state and federal law, and your finances are protected from over-taxation.

Our clients benefit from the services we offer at every stage of life. If you are dealing with a probate extension or dispute that requires immediate resolution to provide relief, we can help. We bring years of experience navigating tricky family and legal issues to your service, expediting results and ensuring our clients are treated fairly with the respect they deserve. 

What Is Probate and How Long Does it Take? 

Probate involves verifying the authenticity of your final will and changing titles belonging to you into assets. Upon your passing, probate allows the financial institutions responsible for holding your assets the ability to release them to your executor and heirs without the potential of being sued or held liable.

How a Probate Lawyer Can Speed Things Up

A probate lawyer can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to complete this process. We do this by getting to work right away, securing the documents you need to submit to further your case, and ensuring all paperwork is filled out correctly. During hearings, you will be asked a number of specific questions which we will prepare you in advance for so you will feel comfortable and be able to answer in full.

Establishing Wills and Trusts

Creating a will is the best way to ensure your wishes are carried out upon your death. A will allows you to grant your assets and possessions to heirs, charities, friends and loved ones, and to protect family members from barriers to inheritances and disputes. Establishing a trust allows you to minimize estate taxes, and is the hallmark of any well-organized estate planning vehicle. There are several options available to you when drafting a will or forming a trust. Your choices should reflect your goals. Allow us to sit down with you and go over each of your options.

Benefits of a Living Trust

Our Decatur firm employs specialists in living trust arrangement. We can assist you into preventing court challenges and avoiding probate so assets in the trust can be transferred to the appointed trustee immediately upon your death. There are many reasons you may elect to explore the benefits of a living trust, including tax reductions and cost saving over the long-term.

To request more information on how our Decatur estate law analysists can assist you in the development of a superior planning vehicle, call us to arrange a consultation with our experts today.